Thai Teena

Thai Teena is a Thai porn star based in Belgium who appeared in a handful of truly amazing group sex, gangbang, and bukkake porn videos filmed 2011-2012 when she was 20 years old. The content was all produced for the now-defunct French Bukkake website. Although Thai Teena only did a few scenes years ago, she still appears on the X-Videos list of the top 100 Thai porn stars!

Thai-Teena set a record after receiving 115 cum shots in a bukkake porn shoot in Paris that made her legendary. From humble beginnings, she made everyone proud.

Because Thai Teena's porn work was done in France and featured on a website that is no longer online, there isn't a lot of information about her to be found these days. We have gathered all we can find for the vast English speaking audience on the internet.

According to her old website:

"Thai-Teena, extreme hard pornstar, made the biggest gangbang and bukkake with 115 men in France! This record was done in Paris, in 2011. This movie is very hard and is for informed audience only!"

"Thai-Teena began her job in Thailand, as gogo dancer and escort girl. Thai-Teena likes very much exhibition and in Europe, she became very famous because of her participation in very hard porn movies, including the ones for French Bukkake in Paris, but also for her gangbangs in Brussels or her participation in Holland with the pornstar Wendy Somers."

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